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Our concept is simple:

With our eyes open and hands free

we bring you long term returns.


We are an independent wealth manager with pfeilprofessionals combine more than three decades of years in the financial industry in Switzerland. We have a process with which we identify quality investment opportunities, and a process for understanding you and your needs. These processes are structured and research based. Our expertise is in opening these investment opportunities to you.

AGFIF International provides:
Discretionary Asset Management, Wealth Management and Investment Advisory- and Fiduciary Services - Ask us!

To succeed in uncertain times, we face reality with our eyes open watching for opportunities, and with our hands free to flexibly adjust to change as it comes. Flexibility is our philosophy.


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From what ever direction any strong wind may blow in the financial industry, we always find and fight for the right solution...





AGFIF International Inc. welcomes you to join our world of finance






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