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"The bigger, more anonymous and intransparent the big banks
became, the more need there is for a true independent, flexible
and innovative businesses such as AGFIF International AG.

Our sophisticated team of well known experts evaluate on a regular bases the current market situation and implement for our clients a strategy -  see picture below.

our team


AGFIF Portfolio management Team, Prof Hens, Prof. Schips, M. Hlinka.


Pictures: AGFIF Portfolio Management Team - Our Team has been very successful over a very long time, with our unique, but conservative investment approach we achieve superior results. We have developed a sophisticated asset management model, which has proven over many years very well - especially in difficult, volatile stock and bond markets.

AGFIF Team Portfolio Management Adivsory Team, Prof Hens, Prof. Schips, M. Hlinka.

Meyer and Dr. Eugen Perger Review

AGFIF International AG is an independent Swiss wealth management firm based in Zurich, Switzerland.

AGFIF International AG was founded in 2004 by our Management and founded by a team of financial professionals with more than three decades of financial experience.

Together we incorporated AGFIF International AG over our Holding company, AG für innovative Finanzdienstleistungen (Incorporation For innovative Financial Services). Both companies are domiciled here in Switzerland.

The Management of both, the Holding and of AGFIF International AG, held senior positions in the Switzerland’s financial world.


AGFIF International AG is specialized in investment advisory and
portfolio management for private as well as instituional Investors

Given our independent structure and close-knit size we can ensure advice that reflects only your best interest, and a close relationship with an advisor that you can depend on. We care for domestic and international private and institutional clients who place a high value on professional and competent advice, facing no conflict of interest.

As we are both owners and managing directors, we are as concerned about your success as you are.

We are not subject to shareholder pressure, the constraints of operating in a large institution with its inherent conflicts of interest or administrative burdens.

AGFIF International AG offers a very personal and truly independent discretionary asset- and wealth management service.

AGFIF International AG specialised in personal investment advisory and fiduciary services.

AGFIF International AG service are provided to private individuals, families and trusts as well as to Institutional Clients.

AGFIF International AG service is normally discretionary and available either on an individual or a collective basis.

 Flexibility is our strengh

We are flexible to support your individual needs to any changing market conditions and our focus is to achieve quality returns to our clients over the long run.




We will be pleased to invite you
to visit our premises in Zurich
so that you can discuss with
our experienced Professionals
the various services we can
provide you at first hand


We are proud to have a diverse Team of highly qualified professionals at AGFIF
that brings a wide range of expertise in Portfolio- and Wealth Management
services to benefit our client.




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